Massimo Basile
Massimo Basile

Massimo Basile, in art MAXTIN, was born in Turin in 1975. His thirst for knowledge and cosmopolitan soul make him perceive the need to push out of the border of his beautiful country, to search for new incentives, to deepen and apply to his art.First England, London, then to France and Strasburg to Spain, Switzerland Lugano. His stay in the main European cities, have in fact influenced Maxtin’s production, result of a very personalized conception of art, which realize a uniqueness of his technique.“Geomart”, as Maxtin likes to call it encloses and defines the characteristic of his art, distinguishes itself for the geometric lines and glitter, for its solid forms and three-dimensionality that seem to transform the paintings in “sculptures pieces of art” which make his style unique and unmistakable. The geometry that harmonize and frames Maxtin’s paintings are defined in the background by neutral colours (black and white) and filled with more vivid and joyous ones. The perfect fusion of the geometric forms and warm colours seem to “animate the acrylic”, to give life to the theme of this paintings the artist draws, through which a new elaborated version thus original of their own, from the mythical classical world (“Zeus and Hydra”), from nature (“Butterfly”, “the Sun”), from Sport (“Regata”) to feeling(“It’s time for Love”, Heart in a cage”, “Choose your heart”), to the self same art (“Tribute to Wesselmann”), reflect the version of reality, frames of mind and the various interests that gave birth to forms and given it life. The original capacity to elaborate the rules of standardise aesthetics merge brilliantly within the creation of “Wine Art”, sophisticated and elegant union of art, wine tradition and gold working, that is possible to admire at the permanent exposition of “Museo Internazionale del vinodi Aigle” in Switzerland. Wine is not only inspiration for Maxtin, subject for a canvas, but the bottle becomes itself a piece of art, a canvas on which the artist’s hand graves in a heart with clean and limpid lines, linear, precise, but precious and warm at the same time. Precious like Swarovski’s which frame his work and turn it into a jewel and warm it with its red colour. The tablet of recognition that the Art Magazine "Biancoscuro" has awarded to “Wine Art” in September 2014 at the Hotel de Paris in Montecarlo, does not only certifies the favour of public opinion has decreeced the creation of Maxtin, in virtue of values that he was able to seize and appreciate, but also and above all is an award and official recognition of his obtained success on international scale. Beyond his collaborations with galleries and arts studies, versatile of national and international importance, the events that have seen Maxtin’s participation and his creations.

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  • First with “Geomart” and then with “Wine Art”, Maxtin has given prove to what can be considered a big quality of his artistic talent.He has proven to be capable to open up to any type of art, to be able to distinguish himself even with thoughts that seem distant from painting from a narrow point of view. Maxtin, defined as an eclectic artist, has given birth to an “global” art, due to his capability to overthrow language, geographical and cultural barriers, “touching strings” of audience, that although so extended and diverse, has yet been united by his painting.